• Bia Ades

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    Hijiri Ikenobo

    School of Ikebana


    Shihan Teacher

     1st Grade

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    About Bia

    Teaches ikebana in the Hijiri Ikenobo School

    Teaches in-person and virtually

    Travels for demonstrations

    Gives workshops


    Use the contact section below to find out about my latest class schedule

  • About Hijiri Ikenobo

    The foundation and essence of the Hijiri Ikenobo School is the pursuit of this original Ikebana form, blending the traditional upright style (Tachiike or Shoka) with the modern free style (Jiyu-bana), emphasizing harmony, and targeting the complete balance and total composition of IKEBANA

    SHU, 守 ( to follow, keep):
    A beginner should study and strictly follow the original style.


    HA, 破 (to break):
    A trained person should depart from the original style and create their own style.


    RI, 離 (to leave, separate):
    An expert will understand the essence of Ikebana mentally and physically

    without needing to stick to the original style.


    In the process of pursuing Ikebana it is very important to practice the Ikebana fundamentals thoroughly and constantly.



  • My Artistic Journey

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    My teaching style is first and foremost to let my students express themselves following Hijiri Ikenobo concepts . Ikebana, for me, does not have a right or wrong way but a pleasant way to observe and reflect.

    I worked most of my adult life with different forms of art including over 3 decades working as an Interior designer. I always has been interested in Ikebana and started taking classes in 2016 and immediately fell in love with the technique and the beautiful arrangements I am able to create. I became a teacher in 2020.


    I have a cross-cultural perspective that has been honed over the years as I was born and grew up in Sao Paulo, Brasil, lived in Europe for several years and for the last 20 years have made my home in the US. This perspective enables me to embrace and share my passion for ikebana.

  • Affiliations

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    Ikebana International North and Central American Region (NCAR)

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    Ikebana International 

    Tokyo Headquarters
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    Ikebana International Orlando-Winterpark Chapter 132


    Orlando area local chapter

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    Ikebana International Rochester New York Chapter 53


    Rochester New York area local chapter

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    Melbourne, Florida
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